Have you thought about doing a boudoir photoshoot?

A boudoir photoshoot is an intimate style of portrait photography that is used as a way to empower the person being photographed. It is a photoshoot that puts us in a vulnerable situation while empowering us to embrace every aspect of who we are inside and out. Not only does a boudoir photoshoot help you feel sexy but it is such a great tool for self love.

Which brings us to our first reason.

Self Love.

I believe that the most important reason for doing a boudoir shoot is self love. Even if you are booking this shoot as a gift for a significant other, this is for you too. Being able to see yourself in a whole new way and feel amazing is a gift in itself. After doing this type of shoot, it is possible that you will gain so much self confidence. We are all worthy of being seen and deserve to feel beautiful! Love yourself just as you are.

A gift. For them & you.

A boudoir photoshoot is a very popular gift idea for most brides. It is such a great gift to give the day of the wedding. Most brides choose to gift in the way of an album or print box. Not getting married? No worries, these types of photos make for amazing birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or just because gifts. Do we actually need a reason to gift ourselves or the ones we love?

Break up.

We all have been there. A break is never fun and can definitely leave us feeling shitty about ourselves. Why not take this opportunity to show your ex what they are going to be missing. Maybe you are the one leaving and you just need a way to feel empowered. Either way, a boudoir shoot after a break up is great for healing and self confidence. It all comes back to loving thy self.


Maybe it is your 50th birthday and you want to share that you can feel sexy at any age. Maybe you lost the baby weight gained during pregnancy and want to show off your new mommy bod. Even if you gained a couple pounds and just want to show yourself that it is okay and you still look amazing. You deserve to love yourself and feel great at any milestone in your life.

Sharing your love.

A boudoir style photoshoot is not just for you. This is a time when you can bring in your significant other and have some fun too. Get your honey and do a couples boudoir photoshoot. Not only will it showcase your love to the world in such a beautiful way but it will be a bonding experience. Not only will you remember the fun you had together but you can create an album or print box for you to enjoy forever.

Be daring!

If nothing from these reasons makes sense for you to do a boudoir photoshoot, do it just to be daring. Just to say that you did one and that you empowered yourself. One thing my husband said to me one day is that boudoir photography was in the same realm of skydiving and rock climbing. I promise you will feel it in your body too lol. He had said that these types of photoshoots are adrenaline boosting and empowering, that one has to be daring enough to try it. After you experience it, you will most likely feel amazing!

What's your reason?

If you're interested in doing a shoot with me, just fill out the form here. Let me know what your reason is for doing a shoot and we can plan : )