You got this Mama!

Most of the beautiful ladies I work with are mamas, just like you and I. We all share the same concerns in regards to our bodies, especially after childbirth. Stretchmarks, loose skin, extra weight, and new curves. These are "issues" that cloud our perspective of ourselves. I promise you that your body is just as beautiful now, if not more beautiful.

I'd love to invite you to experience a maternity photoshoot during your pregnancy. It is such a beautiful moment in your life to capture, and one you won't regret. I would also love to invite you back after you have your baby to experience a boudoir session with your new mommy bod. I know you may not feel like yourself and your body may have changed a bit. Regardless of these changes, you are worthy of seeing yourself in the most beautiful way.

Allow me to show you through my lens, just how beautiful you are.

Maternity & Boudoir

Two shoots, One package.
-One hour maternity photoshoot
-90 minute boudoir photoshoot
(3 to 6 months postpartum)
-Professional hair & makeup for both
-An 8x10 fine art print
of your favorite image from each shoot.



What does the maternity/boudoir package include?

Both sessions include professional hair & makeup for the mama. A 90 minute photoshoot and an 8x10 fine art print of your favorite image. Your $550 session fee is a non-refundable retainer towards any collection. This can be used for your maternity or boudoir photoshoot, but not both.

Do you have maternity gowns for the shoot?

I do have seven beautiful maternity gowns in my client closet that are available for you to use for your maternity photoshoot. If you'd like to see these, feel free to ask and I can send you some images.

How long after my baby is born should I do my boudoir shoot?

I recommend giving yourself at least 3 months after birth before your boudoir photoshoot. In my opinion, this will allow for time for healing of your body. This also gives you plenty of time to prepare for your shoot. However, you are more than welcome to book your shoot as close or as far out as you feel is best for you.

What if I don't like my body after birth?

I know this is something most women will wonder. It is so normal for us to feel differently, and sometimes even badly about our new mom bods. That is the main purpose of the maternity boudoir package. I love being able to show women their beauty in any stage of their life. Becoming a new mom and embracing the curves that our babies leave us with, is very empowering. Yes, you may have stretchmarks, loose skin, or even a little extra weight and all of that is okay. Our bodies are extraordinary, and I would love to show you it's beauty.

Who can be in my maternity photoshoot?

Anyone you would like. This is a very special time in your life and I hate to limit you on the amount of people you'd like to share it with. These photographs can be of just you, your immediate family, or even extended family. When you book your maternity shoot I send you a questionnaire, and this will ask who you'd like to be photographed with. I especially add a little space to find out more about your little ones if you have any. I love being able to include the older siblings and make them feel special.

What if I don't want to do a boudoir photoshoot?

Not a fan of boudoir? That is totally okay. We have a couple options that we can do. A motherhood photoshoot with your kiddos or a beauty portrait photoshoot.