Isn't every day Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is such a wonderful day. It is a day that we use to celebrate our moms. It is a day my kids get to celebrate me now, and quite possibly the same for you (the incredible mom reading this). We stay in bed a little longer, we get lots of hugs, and sometimes we even get sweet little gifts that just warm our hearts. I am pretty sure we all have boxes with all of these little crafted gifts in them, I know my mom does.

Speaking of my mom. One thing that my mom always says she wants for Mother's Day or her birthday, is a portrait with all of her family together. I have heard this since I was a child, and rightfully so. I am now a mom and I beg my family to stand in front of my camera for me. They can do it separately no problem but if I dare ask them to stand together, that is another story. I guess my mom is one of the reasons I began my photography career. She inspired me as a woman and mom, to get families in front of my camera (yes that includes you, mama) so they can enjoy a beautiful portrait forever.

So I think one thing we forget, even us moms, is that Mother's Day shouldn't be just one day of the year. We should think of every day as Mom's Day. We should celebrate the women in our lives, as mentors and caregivers and besties that we had the pleasure to live with. They say a daughter's first best friend is her mother right? I think we as moms even go through our daily lives being a little hard on ourselves, until that one day comes and we then know we can take it easy. But I think we should take it easy on ourselves no matter the day.

Let's all start now. Let's show these special ladies, whether it's your mom, your grandmother, auntie, etc., we all have a special one that we know we can turn to for anything. We can show them that we appreciate them and we know that they work so hard for us every day, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I know once we are out of quarantine I am bringing my mom into my studio, getting her dolled up, putting on her favorite type of music, and getting that portrait she has always wanted. Better get ready mom! You are going to be blown away by your beauty!

Love you mom!!

This is my mom, my grandmother, and I in our "Glamour shots" photos. So much fun! This is what I think of when I think of photography. Moments like this. Not the style of the photo, trends have changed of course, but the memories you make from them.

These are some of the beautiful moms I have had the pleasure to work with. I love that I have gotten a chance to be surrounded by such incredible women.

My mom, my brother and I. One of my favorite pictures of us!