Since the beginning of my career as a photographer I have had a powerful desire to make women feel great about themselves. That does not exclude little women. I have two daughters of my own, getting to the preteen ages and I have always loved the idea of my photos helping them to see themselves in a new light. They both look at their photos straight out of camera and look at me with the biggest smile. That is why I do what I do. Being able to see how you look in the eyes of another person is life changing sometimes, because the way we see ourselves in the mirror is totally different. I am not just talking about our minds idea of ourselves, I am talking about the fact that we literally see our faces differently. In fact, we see the reverse image of it. The thought of this amazes me and made me question, have we been lying to ourselves our whole lives?

Now imagine as a young child not being told this, not living your life with this concept in mind. As young women we are so critical of our imperfections. We are usually this way until our mid 30's, yet maybe they aren't imperfections at all. The bottom line is that we all need to be a little less critical of the way we look and start remembering that things aren't always as they seem.

I love being able to shatter that mirror image. Creating portraits of a woman that she can see and feel admiration for the woman looking back. Being able to see yourself and love everything you see is such a gift because once you are able to love yourself fully, you unlock your ability to reach your full potential in everything you do in life. Being able to share that with a young girl who is finding herself is just amazing. Think of the things our children could do if they fully loved and believed in themselves. I truly believe that my purpose here on this earth is to help people see their true beauty. To create, love, and share with them what I see. What I see is so many beautiful people with beautiful and unique qualities.

So I am looking for 20 under 20!!! Like I have said many times, I love being able to share this experience with my kids and I would love to be able to share this experience with you and yours as well. I invite you to bring the young women (or young men) in your life, who are between the ages of 8 and 20, to a portrait session they will never forget. It is so much more than just taking pictures, this moment is about celebrating who they are, and their own special qualities as a person.

Your child will receive a full (but modest) makeover while enjoying some light refreshments, a full on editorial style photo shoot that will make them feel like a little celebrity (complete with hair blowing fans & their favorite music, maybe even the occasional dance party). After the session, we will book your appointment to return and view your child's images. Then you choose which images you love, which ones grandma would love, and most importantly which images your child loves. I know that at the end of our time together (this isn't good bye, just see you later.), SELF LOVE will be our end result.

*Add on an additional hair & makeup service for yourself and make it a mother daughter shoot too. How fun would it be to play dress up with your little one?